Microsoft Office 365

By | January 28, 2020

Microsofrt Office 365 new icons on a PC screen. Office 365 is the brand name Microsoft uses for a group of subscriptions that provide productivity software

Microsoft’s Premier Software Suite

If you’re new to the world of Microsoft Office, the solution is probably one of two things. Either you can develop your own Office-based solution, or you can buy a package that combines the best features from all the programs you use, to offer you a complete solution for your office tasks.

At first, if you haven’t developed your own solution, it may be tempting to think that it’s better to have a package than to have nothing at all. On the other hand, if you have an existing solution for a given program, like Access or OpenOffice, you could quickly combine it with Office 365 to provide a complete package for your daily office work.

You can download Office 365 from the Microsoft website. This package includes the base program as well as a large number of other applications. So if you already use one of these applications, you can install Office 365 on top of it, and the results will be a very competent package that combines all the core features of all the programs you use.

The computer requirements for each of the packages are identical. In fact, Office 365 requires less processor power than any of the other programs available. So it makes perfect sense to combine it with a program you already use.

Office 365 Benefits Businesses of All Sizes

Your organization will obviously have an equally important factor to consider. Some businesses are very small, and if you require a package for each of your employees, then you need to carefully determine how much software you can actually afford. Once you get a good feel for the capabilities of the other programs, you can decide whether they will be compatible with your computer, and how much time it will take to download them.

  • Your employees will have access to a similar Office 365 package, which can save you time in sorting out the details of email accounts and calendars. It also helps keep the costs down. Your customers will not have to wait for emails, and any problems with existing calendars or task lists will be easy to address.
  • The main point to remember is that you need to decide how much software you actually need. Some businesses make no use of any of the applications included in the package and do not even want them. On the other hand, others will find that the basic packages are more than sufficient. The good news is that you can easily add more in the future.
  • Have a look at the price of all the packages. You may well discover that you can purchase a combination that works well for your particular business. This allows you to use both programs to provide great productivity at a very reasonable price. Even if you decide not to try a combination, you can always upgrade to Office 365 later on.

There are monthly charges to the service that Office 365 provides, but you can eliminate many of these by trying out the packages and comparing the cost. You may also find it better to pay in order to get access to all the features of Microsoft Office.

Finally, you will need to decide what features are going to be worth your monthly charge. You can determine this by comparing the costs of the other programs, as well as the costs of the Microsoft Office packages you like.

These are just some of the ways that you can use Office 365. Be sure to consider your needs and priorities, and come up with a package that fits your budget.