How to Spot the Best Computer Repair Companies

By | March 3, 2020

It can be tough finding the right computer repair shop to work with. Many have local offices, but it can be hard to tell which ones are legitimate.

Here are some tips on spotting the great computer repair shops that are out there.

Check the reputation of the shop. Sometimes customers report a service call as a technical issue with the computer but may not have had a good experience with the company. Find out how many times the shop has been rated poor by the Better Business Bureau and how they stack up.

Does the service contract include a full “no-questions-asked” guarantee? This is a sign that the shop can be trusted. The “no-questions-asked” sign is especially important in computer repair and other areas of the industry where customers can get cut off if they’re not satisfied. Shop owners don’t want that happening.

Does the shop offer “late costs” for items that are “out of stock”? If customers are told their computer is out of order when they show up at the shop, they’ll be back out there again and might even bring the computer to the next shop that doesn’t carry the same model. A shop that offers to set up an appointment and match prices will have their business kept alive.

Do the employees at the shop look familiar? It’s often hard to tell the difference between a tech who knows what he or she is doing and a person who doesn’t. Ask friends and family for their opinions on the shop, and ask the computer repair company what kind of technicians they hire.

Good companies employ common sense. Even if you’re not shopping for a new computer, it’s important to make sure the staff looks professionally trained. Ask about customer feedback about the staff and whether or not the employees are comfortable talking to them.

How much does the repair technician charge?

There are many hidden costs when doing repairs. Some costs can be eliminated by using a machine rental company, but others must be factored in. The computer repair company should have a contract in place that outlines the costs involved with repairs, including labor.

Can the technician do major computer parts? Ask the repair shop, what kinds of services they can do, including things like typing a report, fixing the mouse, restoring a lost file, cleaning the registry, and programming. It’s important to know what each can be done before making the final decision.

Is the shop patient? Repairs can be expensive. The shop needs to be able to provide a speedy turnaround time. Ask about customer testimonials about the shop’s ability to move fast and on time.

Are the repair skills detailed enough? Repair shops should have a basic understanding of computers. They should know what kind of operating systems are available, how they work, and what software is installed. They should also be able to fix basic hardware issues such as faulty disks, malfunctioning monitors, corrupted hard drives, and more.

Will the shop allow customers to call the tech’s name or number? Customers should be able to call up the service tech and be connected to someone who can answer questions about the computer in question. It’s important to find out if the tech is listed in telephone directories and can receive phone calls. Sometimes, people sign up for a service they never use and can’t be reached.

By following these tips, you can find a quality computer repair shop. Whether you need to get a new computer, repair your old one, or fix a glitch, you can find one in your area. You can do your part by choosing a quality service that can give you top quality service without being pushy.